Don’t Let Divorce Destroy You

It’s been said many times before but the following bears repeating. When you get married you think it will be til’ death do us part. But, as many of us know, that doesn’t happen.

Divorce rates hover around 39%. While down from a peak of 50% in the 1980s, this still means approximately four in every 1000 is filing for separation. And it can affect the parties financially, socially, and, most important, emotionally.

Effects on You and Your Children

If the divorce is due to abuse or neglect, feelings of inadequacy and loneliness can continue well past the situation. Furthermore, if the former spouse continues to berate their previous partner, it can lead to situations like depression and drug abuse.

In turn, these conditions can result in neglect or harassment of the children. This can break down their own resilience and create feelings of abandonment, In other words, a divorce can destroy multiple lives.

Avoiding the Destruction

Wallowing in depression and drugs won’t help anyone. Thus, in order to avoid this, here is some advice to start moving forward.

Seek Legal Counsel
Don’t go through a divorce alone. Seek the advice of lawyers at locations like Goldstein Family Law. Once they know your situation, they can help to get the best settlement possible. Should abuse or harassment be involved, these firms will work to obtain a restraining or other court order.

Seek Mental Counseling
Two reasons for this. First, you need to get through the divorce. Second, you need to rebuild your life once the decree is signed and you’re ready to start a new life. Don’t worry about payment. There are numerous programs that offer free or low-cost counseling.

Be Among Positive People
During and after the divorce, surround yourself with positive people. They will help ease you through the process and start you in the right direction for the next chapter of your life.

Overall, breathe. Cherish your children and the moments you have with them and by yourself. Divorce is a small part of your life.

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