New title: Hiring the Right Lawyer is Essential to a Good Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges is intimidating and frustrating, but it’s also something that requires rational thought. In many criminal cases, the outcome depends heavily on the expertise of your attorney, so it’s important to look for an experienced lawyer with a good track record. A legal professional with a history of winning cases may be your best chances for a positive outcome in your case.

There are many crimes that are federal offenses, which means the penalties are much more severe. White collar crimes, bank robberies, and drug crimes are just a few offenses that fall into this category. Your Fairfax criminal lawyer will be able to explain the penalties you face, if you are charged with a federal crime. In any felony, mounting a strong defense is essential, but, where federal crimes are concerned, this becomes even more vital.

Your defense attorney will know how to examine the evidence against you to determine the strength of the prosecutor’s case. If the evidence is merely circumstantial, your lawyer may be able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges or offer an attractive plea deal. This type of arrangement may minimize your incarceration or may allow you to serve probation instead. Of course, it will depend on the circumstances and nature of your case.

If your case does go to trial, your attorney may still be able to obtain a more favorable outcome for you. By establishing mitigating factors or weakening the prosecutor’s case, your lawyer may be able to obtain an acquittal. Even a conviction can result in a lesser sentence, depending upon the arguments your lawyer makes to the judge or jury.

Essentially, your criminal defense lawyer’s primary goal is to ensure your legal rights are protected throughout the prosecution of your case. He may not be able to help you avoid prison time, but he will act in your best interests. Trying to handle your case without an experienced attorney will likely result in far worse consequences, which is why judges discourage defendants from this action. Your attorney is your best resource in defending against serious criminal charges.