Why It’s Important To Hie An Attorney During Divorce Proceedings

When a couple realizes their relationship is at an impasse and their only viable option is to initiate divorce proceedings, it is a time that is full of emotions. Rather than attempting to navigate a divorce on their own, most couples agree to hire lawyers to help them with the various steps of the process. An attorney offers support with a variety of issues and will help their client obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Division of Assets

Few things cause a couple in the middle of a divorce to argue like a division of assets, as both parties are seeking to get the most for themselves. If a couple is not able to agree on how items should be split, it may be time to let an attorney take the lead. They will work with the opposing party and create terms that aim to satisfy the demands of both parties but will be able to conduct the negotiations in a calm and non-emotional manner.

Custody Issues

When children are involved as part of a divorce, it always complicates the process. Arguing over the custody of children will likely get a couple nowhere, but a lawyer will be able to work with the court system to determine if one parent is deemed unfit or if a joint custody situation will best serve the needs of the children. A custody dispute is not easy to navigate, so trust a legal professional to use the court system to a client’s full advantage.


In relationships where one spouse made more money than the other and used that money to help them sustain their livelihood, alimony may be a topic of discussion. These regular payments are designed to provide one spouse with financial support for a pre-determined amount of time or until they remarry. Negotiating alimony isn’t easy, but an attorney will ensure that any payments are fair to both parties and represent the amount of money a person needs to sustain the quality of life they are accustomed to.

Going through a divorce without an attorney may lead to disaster. Contact the team at Kaspar & Lugay LLP and talk to one of their experienced family law professionals. They will create a plan to help a person come through a divorce as unscathed as possible.